Conscious Capitalism Consultants

Our Consultants

If you’re looking to align your business with the Conscious Capitalism movement, these ladies and gentlemen are dedicated to helping you succeed.

Susan Kavanaugh, KavCom: Conscious Communications, LLC

Expertise: Conscious Communications Services
Described as a powerhouse marketing and fundraising professional with years of award-winning communications’ programs, Susan’s emphasis on branding, integrated communications, and strategic planning generates high demand for KavCom services. Susan is a certified life and business coach, pastoral counselor and ordained minister. She is also a nationally acclaimed public speaker and former television news anchor and newspaper reporter.

(602) 316-1742

Jodi Low, U & Improved

Expertise: Leadership Development, Corporate Training, Coaching
Jodi Low is an accomplished corporate trainer, inspirational speaker, and the Founder and CEO of U & Improved. Jodi has trained thousands of entrepreneurs and executives on how to build a booming business, master a mindset for success, and achieve the lifestyle they desire through heart-fueled leadership.

(480) 305-5665

Diane Janovsky, Catalyst For Business, LLC

Expertise: Organizational Effectiveness
Diane Janovsky is the CEO and Principal Consultant of Catalyst For Business, LLC, a Scottsdale, Arizona-based business consulting and coaching firm whose purpose is to unleash the power of organizations to do good and to do well by transforming strategy into operational results through people. Her primary areas of expertise are strategy, people engagement, Six Sigma & process improvement and business transformation.

(602) 708-2063

Mary Hall, Culture Wise Consulting

Expertise: Feng Shui, Artisanal Plant Selection
Mary Hall, Founder of CultureWise Consulting is helping companies build cultures focused on Purpose, People and Performance. Consulting work includes the facilitation of company values development, workplace culture assessment, design and implementation, and the design and implementation of community social impact programs.

(602) 692-3415