We are faced with the challenge to eliminate poverty, and the opportunity to elevate humanity.

How do we do that?

Many people say through social welfare and outreach. Some say through socialism – equal distribution. Some say through unrestrained free enterprise.

We believe they’re all wrong.

We believe in Conscious Capitalism.

The Global Movement

We believe business is…

Good – because it creates value.

Ethical – because it’s based on voluntary exchange.

Heroic – because it can eliminate poverty.

Noble – because it creates collective prosperity.

Conscious Capitalism is a philosophy about capitalism that reflects the potential of businesses to make a positive impact on the world.

It provides a framework for businesses to be held accountable for the actions they take, employing conscious leaders with a vision and purpose beyond simply making money for themselves. They endeavor to create financial, intellectual, social, cultural, emotional, spiritual, physical and ecological wealth (capital) for all their stakeholders.

They do this through cultivating four tenets within their businesses:

Higher Purpose

Every business should have a purpose that goes hand-in-hand with making a profit. That purpose should energize and inspire everyone surrounding the organization, from the CEO to external vendors and the community.

Stakeholder Orientation

Conscious businesses don’t just exist to make the shareholders money. They work to create value for all stakeholders, including customers, employees, vendors, investors, communities, etc. It’s common sense: healthy stakeholders lead to a healthy business ecosystem.

Conscious Leadership

Human social organizations are created and guided by leaders – people who have a vision and inspire others to achieve it. Conscious Leaders serve the organization with an understanding of the Higher Purpose and how they can benefit all their followers.

Conscious Culture

This is the ethos – a culmination of the values, principles, and practices that create the social fabric of a business. It connects stakeholders together with a common perception and process that works to foster community.

Our Vision for Arizona

Conscious Capitalism Arizona (CCAZ) is a local chapter in the global Conscious Capitalism® movement.  In 2013 CCAZ became the 3rd Chapter in the world, following only the Chicago and Australia Chapters.  Now there are over 40 chapters, including 10 international locations.  We are a truly global movement and CCAZ is leading the way with a focus to bring the ideas of Conscious Capitalism to Education.

Arizona is the perfect climate for innovation in business and the prosperity that Conscious Capitalism creates. Our still-developing identity and statewide freedoms provide the infrastructure that young businesses need to learn, grow, and become successful. We’re being called the Next Silicon Valley.

Our Arizona Focus Is


Conscious Capitalism Arizona is working to support leaders, companies, universities and governments in accelerating the shift to Conscious Capitalism.


We’re reaching young Arizonans with hope for humanity through entrepreneurship and capitalism.


Education is our greatest opportunity to touch the lives of millennials and generations to follow with the true hero’s story of free enterprise capitalism and business as a force for good.

CCAZ Education Initiative


Touch the lives and shift the thinking of 100,000+ students with our educational programs.


Develop Arizona K-12 and university educational programs that are replicated nationally and globally.


Create a library of over 1,000 stories of business as a powerful force for good, including case studies and mini-case studies to be used in academic curriculum.


Meet the Arizona Chapter Leaders

Scott McIntosh

Founder and Chapter Leader

Following an early career focused on underground mining engineering, operations and construction, Scott grew McIntosh Engineering to become a preeminent and worldwide engineering, design, and project management firm. After growing to $50+ million in annual revenue and 280 worldwide employees, McIntosh Engineering was acquired in 2008, and Scott began exploration for what’s next.

That’s when he started advocating capitalism as a force for good, both through Conscious Capitalism’s Arizona chapter and MAC6 (a company founded by Scott and his son Kyle, devoted to helping businesses break through ceilings). Scott is passionate about supporting every stage of business to achieve long-term, sustainable growth. He believes financial success should only be a byproduct of innovation and achievement, so he keeps his focus on Higher Purpose and Conscious Leadership as the keys to maximizing both financial and social ROI.

Scott’s other endeavors include commercial and residential real estate investment and numerous nonprofit, philanthropic, and scholarship initiatives.

Brian Mohr

Chapter Leader

In April of 2000, Brian became a founding member of a job board called Jobing.com. Over an 11-year period, he helped build the company to nearly 400 employees and $38M in revenue.

He’s seen, first-hand, the power of values, the power of culture, and the power of unwavering purpose. When done right, those make the ultimate competitive advantage.

Brian started Y Scouts with the belief that today’s leaders must authentically connect to the purpose and values of the organizations they lead. If disconnected, the strength of their experience (i.e. their résumé) will only compensate for so long. Brian joined the board of Conscious Capitalism in January of 2016 to more fully engage with other leaders who are making a meaningful difference.

Brian’s other endeavors include playing guitar, perfecting his Texas hold ’em skills, and traveling to see his favorite musicians and bands.