Business has the potential to be a powerful force for good.

Free-enterprise capitalism has served to lift more people out of poverty than any other socio-economic system ever conceived, empowering social cooperation and human progress.

Good business is the answer to many of the global issues that humankind is facing.

Why Conscious Capitalism?

For too long, capitalism has been associated with lying, cheating, manipulating, gaming the system, and taking advantage of society. But for every horror story being told about the selfishness of corporate America and Wall Street, there are thousands of stories of businesses supporting their communities, investing in their employees, and making the world a better place.

We are working to shine a bright light on good business – telling the stories of Conscious Arizona companies (and encouraging others to follow in their footsteps).

The Future of Arizona

We recognize that the future of business lies with an upcoming generation of leaders – consumers, business leaders, and employees preparing to make a difference in the world. We are passionate about giving them the tools and principles they will need to become the generation that eliminates poverty and elevates humanity.

Help us demonstrate what good business can do. 


Our 5 Year Target

  • Create a library of over 1,000 stories of business as a powerful force for good.
  • Touch the lives and shift the thinking of 100,000+ students with our educational programs.
  • Empower a fundamental belief in conscious business that elevates humanity and eliminates poverty.
  • Develop Arizona programs that are replicated nationally and globally.

Engage in the Conversation

Gather with conscious businesses (and individuals) from all over Arizona to learn Conscious Capitalism principles and practices.